Menno van Doorn

Author - Research Director - Columnist MT/Sprout - Public Speaker - Techno Watcher - Behavioural scientist - Steve Reich addict

Awarded: IT Researcher of the Year by VNU/Computable
Co-author of following Books & Research

- Playing with Reality
- Creative AI
- Digital Happiness
- Design to Disrupt: digital disruption & startup cultures
- Internet of Things: empathic computing & industry 4.0
- No More Secrets with Big Data analytics
- The App Effect: mobile media addiction and other game changers
- Open for Business: cowdsourcing and open-source-inspired innovation
- Me the Media: sociale media and the rise of hyper-ego's
- Don't be evil: the techno-economic crisis of 2008
- Making IT Governance Work in a Sarbanes Oxley World