Guy van Liemt

Expert Marketing Professional. Special topics: Purpose & Happiness

Guy van Liemt is boardroom consultant, business economist by training, marketeer by profession and public speaker. He is a Certified Marketer (RM) and member of the Board of Certified Marketers, Chairman of the Jury Internal Branding Company of

the Year for 6 years and member of the Jury of the Dutch Mar-keting Awards for 10 years, with Gert Koot author of the best-seller Marketing Communications in 14 Steps (awarded mar-keting textbook of the year), various brand management and marketing positions at Procter & Gamble, 15 years’ experience as a teacher-trainer at the marketing (NIMA-B and -C) and su-pervising marketing communication courses (a.o. College for Brand Management). In addition, supervisor of various courses for NIMA. Finally, in addition to marketing and brands, Guy is a key note speaker on the subjects of purpose, meaning, lead-ership, happiness and happiness at work.