Humanizing Growth - The International Marketing Program

Based on the most comprehensive study on business growth, this program helps marketing leaders drive more ‘humanized growth’ - value creation for all stakeholders. It offers a condensed version of the acclaimed and exclusive IRG100 leadership program. Now, the most important learnings are made accessible for Dutch marketing leaders who want to acquire world class marketing skills. Every session will be co-hosted by renowned national and international CMOs from leading brands. Language: English, also to open up for international marketing leaders operating from The Netherlands.

Key elements of the program

  • 8 modules – covering the What, How and Why of humanized growth
  • Qualitative and quantitative external benchmarking to pro-vide fact-based growth plans to discover how your brand and organization ranks against other brands
  • Alignment and integration with existing strategic planning processes i.e. on the spot implementation
8 days, 4 Friday's before summer in May & June, 4 Friday’s after summer in Sept & Oct | NIMA accredited 25 PE-points
Buitenplaats Doornburgh
* The price is for members of bvA, VIA, Logeion, SWOCC and NIMA, training costs without discount € 8.850
Frank van den Driest Aljan de Boer

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Frank van den Driest, Aljan de Boer


Day 1

Growth Study

"Define Humanized Growth Ambition"

  • Humanized Growth Case in depth 
  • Ikigai: personal passion and purpose
  • Benchmarking Qual - asses your own organisation

Day 2

Abundant Markets & Decoding the world

“Identify New Growth Opportunities”

  • Where and how to find new growth opportunities 
  • The role of trends and foresights in an uncertain and unpredictable world
  • How to human-proof/humanize the future of your org for all stakeholders

Day 3

Multiple Models & Marketing Finance

"Increase your financial acumen and explore various business and go-to-market models"

  • Learn how to connect the world of finance with the world of marketing i.e. speak better wall street
  • Understand the basic mechanisms of pricing power
  • Explore new business models

Day 4

Evolving Experiences & Humanizing Commerce

"Continuously innovating to improve the customer experience"

  • Identify characteristics of winning evolving experiences
  • Recognize the substantial opportunity, particularly in commerce, that comes from combining the human and technology experience
  • Understand your role in driving evolving experiences

Day 5

Open Culture

"Developing an open and connected organization"

  • Understand how a growth mindset manifests in organizations and individuals
  • Hone your feedback skills and become a more radically candid leader
  • Champion diversity & inclusion in your team and for your organization

Day 6

Anticipative Organization

"Build winning ecosystems, creating flexible structures and an agile operating model"

  • Better understand the dynamics of market disruption
  • Define what it takes to build winning ecosystems and an agile organization
  • Discuss the leadership implication

Day 7

Whole Brained

“Fostering teams of equals with creative and analytical thinkers”

  • Learn about common pitfalls and ways to drive creativity and empathy in yourself and team
  • Understand the need to rebalance brand building with performance marketing
  • Reflect on how to manage, foster and develop whole-brained philosophies in your organization and with partners

Day 8

Humanized Growth

"Pitch day"

  • Create pitch 250 words
  • Show to the group
  • Collect builds to drive implementation